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Tom Waits - Glitter and Doom tour


During filming of "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" Tom Waits asked me to design his stage and props for his upcoming tour. It was an experience of a lifetime. I created a stage for hIm that was in fact an interactive musical instrument. The idea was to make it look like his satge was a theater marquee from some far off land that had been removed from a demolished building. It features 4 "kick" pedals that activate different devices on stage. There was the vintage marching band bass drum, the oversize piano mallet gong, the San Francisico trolley bell and a toolbox full of tools that slammed down with a crash. Tom and his wife Kathleen Brennan are masterful storytellers. I've included a fan video from his PARIS performance.


Upon completeion of the stage, I set it up for Tom to see. His son Casey (his drummer) said "That looks like the inside of my dad's head."

Glitter and Doom

Tom Waits tour of 2008

Tom Waits Paris 2008
Tom's stage

Tom's stage I designed and built

Glitter and Doom
Chocolate Jesus

Tom on stage - I constructed a tower of old PA and Victrola horns.

Hurdy Gurdy

This prop from Parnassus got me this gig with Tom to design and build his stage for his last tour.

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